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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

JYJ's best single yet "Get Out" is released!

Popular band "JYJ" has recently released new single "Get Out" which got me completely hooked! Their sound, dancing and overall performance has dramatically decreased from their debut -- come now, enough of that hate. You really can't deny the increase of quality with new songs such as "Get Out" and "In Heaven"  compared to "Ayy Girl".

(Watch at your own risk.)

The one negative point I would like to point about is that "Get Out" has a storyline that has been overused in the kpop generation, and personally, I think Taegoon's "Call Me" uses the whole "Two/Three timing girlfriend who actually isn't a nice girl and the guys call her and ask her what's going on" thing better. I'm sorry JYJ, but innocent Taegoon actually gets shot because of the evil girlfriend. By JaeJoong, one of the members in JYJ coincidentally enough!

Actually, if I think about it, when TVXQ were together, didn't they have a song...

And so does SHINee!

Okay, it's official. South Korea loves phones. 

Attempting to move slightly back on topic, JYJ is certainly becoming a professional band of their own, with their own style, and their own talent. I think the history between TVXQ and JYJ will be for another blog, but I can't help but miss the harmony when the five boys were together. If you hear a great song from TVXQ, or a great song from JYJ, just imagine how MORE GREAT that sound could have been if they were together...

Monday, 19 September 2011

The many reasons why I would not buy directly from Tokyo Toys.

If you're from the UK and you're wanting to cosplay, you have three choices available to you. Choice One, the Internet. Bid on ebay for goodness knows what kind of quality you'll end up getting, or buying from some unheard of shop that may take your money and leg it. Choice Two, you can buy all the materials yourself and make something. But you know what'll happen, yes, you do. You'll buy the materials and they'll still be sitting there when London Expo comes and you'll run out of time to make whatever that cosplay you had in mind that you once believed would be 'easy'. (Oh yes, that's a common practice for cosplayers, I should know.) And then... There's the Choice Three.

And by goodness, you really, really don't want to shop there.

Now, credit where credit is due, they do have a lot of items on sale and it is nice to see so much anime and manga items on sale in the UK! And yes, they do have quite a considerable of range of merchandise as well, from cosplays to soft toys to manga, and yes, the shop location is inside Trocodero, one of the coolest places for an anime fan to be in London minus ChinaTown and the Excel Centre during Expo. But really guys, just look around and leave your wallets at home. And if you're a female, for your dignity I'd recommend going round the back and avoiding the man at the desk. He's freaking creepy. And yes, he will talk to you. It was probably his decision to add the girl in the photo too. You have been officially warned.

Very expensive pricing

You have to remember, Tokyo Toys recieves no competition with their overinflated prices on any other days other than on the Expo Days, where they run a stall with heavily discounted goods. (That's when you grab the bargains and RUN!) Tokyo Toys can over charge what they like for pocky, and for cosplay merchandise especially and you have to be very weary at that. Also, if you're paying £1.50 or more for a box of plain old pocky you're being ripped off. ChinaTown stalls and shops sell them at quite a cheap price, and if you're going to Expo, you have no excuse for not going to ChinaTown aswell.

Bad service

I would also like to warn you about the service the shop actually provides online. And I quote,...

"I've recieved today the "Tsubasa: "Plush - Mokona 18in (45cm)" but I was surprised to see that the Plush didnt had the 45cm as its says in name but only 22cm.
I am disappointed, because it was to be a gift.

And the reply:

TokyoToys - Sorry we got the size wrong in our listing, our staff confused it for the bigger version, we have correctly updated the size. I am sure your friend will love the product as the quality is really good :D"

Hold on... What...
"I am sure your friend will love the product as the quality is really good :D"

To me, that sounds like TokyoToys just pulled a big 'LOL' face on the customer and didn't really care that they ripped the customer off at too! Doesn't give me confidence, what about you?

Overall review:
In conclusion, I really don't recommend Tokyo Toys for the serious cosplayer, or for the serious fan. Unless you really, really need your daily dose in a hurry, Tokyo Toys is a big thumbs down. That is... Until Expo anyway, then my friends I give you amazing discounts that are very, very tempting.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


It's been confirmed!
The Hallyu Wave has crashed into popular series Glee, and will be preformed by Harry Shum Jr who plays "Mike Chang" , funnily enough described by my friend as an Asian guy who once held the title of "can't sing". Oh boy, dearest Harry Shum Jr, you have got a big weight on your shoulders to get this right. Of all songs of Super Junior, he has been given this one which is defiantly not Suju's best single...

That's right, of all songs to represent Super Junior they choose Mr Simple. Ouch. Will this be a good moment for the Hallyu Wave to spread its wings over the world, or will it be a moment where kpop fans lower their heads in shame? I fear the worst.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

V-Rock Disney

When Disney and Jrockers collide, you get...

V-Rock Disney!

I'm so excited about this album, someone very amazing has already began uploading the videos and I'll be posting them on this blog. Amazing well known Jrockers have covered exactly eleven well known and loved songs from the classic Disney era, including 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' from Lion King, preformed by Aoi which I am completely elastic about! I'm so happy to see NIGHTMARE (Twice!!!!), and Sadie, and Plastic Tree and THE KIDDIE on the list and I am so cheered up by listening to the songs that my worries about uni has faded away! I'll probably edit this post to make more sense in the morning.With thanks to Jpop Asia I bring you the song list of the V-Rock Disney album.

V-ROCK DISNEY 2011.9.14
01. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (‘Fantasia’) – NIGHTMARE
02. Friend Like Me (‘Aladdin’) – NIGHTMARE
03. Beauty and the Beast (‘Beauty and the Beast’) – Kawamura Ryuuichi
04. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (‘Lilo & Stitch’) – PENICILLIN
05. Chim Chim Cheree (‘Mary Poppins’) – Plastic Tree
06. This Is Halloween (‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’) – Sadie
07. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (‘The Lion King’) – Aoi
08. Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious (‘Mary Poppins’) – THE KIDDIE
09. When You Wish Upon a Star (‘Pinocchio’) – NINJAMAN JAPAN
10. Heigh-Ho (‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’) – CASCADE
11. You’ll Be In My Heart (‘Tarzan’) – DASEIN

The Sorcerer's Apprentice -- NIGHTMARE

Friend like me -- NIGHTMARE

The Hawaiian Roller coaster ride -- PENCILLIN

Chim Chim Cheere -- Plastic Tree
This is Halloween -- Saddie

Can You Feel The Love Tonight -- Aoi

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious -- The Kiddie

When you wish upon a stair -- Ninjaman Japan

Heigh Ho --- CASCADE

 Now after all that excitement... I should get some sleep. I'll update this blog again tomorrow.... Good night!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yellow Kokoro, part 3

I'm very happy to annouce that Yellow Kokoro has achieved over one hundred views! The most popular topics seem to be Visual Kei, so I hope that my jewellery post below will be of some interest to the readers =)

In my life things have also been well. I've finally got accommodation sorted which means I have somewhere to live when I go to uni ;-) Always a handy thing! Also, I've started a new project, Rainbow Kokoro, which I've been meaning to start for some time, and have some exciting plans for Yellow Kokoro too. Expect more Doctor Who posts and a big Torchwood mention, and possibly a new and much more yellow layout. Well, it's not called yellow for no reason. That said, should I then make Rainbow Kokoro rainbow coloured? Hmm. Anyway, I'd like to give a big heads up to a new friend of mine, Adam, who mentioned my blog in his. Thank you very much Adam! His blog is quite different to Yellow Kokoro, but it's brilliantly funny and entertaining. I recommend a visit to his trusty water blog,

Poll results have came in!
Seems like the most popular kpop bands are DBSK, MBLAQ, and SHINee according to the Kokoro poll!

The best Visual Kei Jewellery available online

Sometimes its hard to find suitable Visual Kei style products to buy, and when you do, they're usually very expensive. To help you in your search for Visual Kei style products to buy for your collection, I have compiled a series of wonderful suggestions for you to look at, which all have good professional service, and products similar to the Kei genre without breaking your wallet. If you have any feedback on any of the links below, or want to recommend your own, please feel free to leave a comment.


One of my personal favourites, LadyLuna is not simply an online shop. It's far more than that, as you enter the sight you'll be stunned at it's professional look and mystical atmosphere. It's a portal to a new, alternative world full of enticing and beautiful works of art, and the best part of it all is the quick and friendly service and the bargain prices. It's a fairly new shop and I'm very enthusiastic about it. Perhaps in a couple of months time I'll be writing about LadyLuna's achievement as possibly the number one for unique, alternative jewellery. If you're a Visual Kei fan, you'll love what LadyLuna has to offer.

Inspired by Angela Pyke

Also a favourite of mine, this website is made by the lovely and very creative Angela Pyke, who's talent is simply unending. In particular I have to recommend her necklaces, and her pocket-watches. Her products are bountiful with colour yet are smoothly in style and defiantly a must-have for the fashionable Visual Kei in you. I personally believe you'll be amazed at Angela Pyke's extraordinary designs.

Bead Me Up Buttercup

This is a new, sister site to Inspired by Angela Pyke. At the moment it offers only a small selection of pocket watches, but it's defiantly a good idea to keep an eye on this one.


Created by Taeden Hall, based in Canada, this website has a small collection of Visual Kei jewellery, and quite a modest collection of clothes. I enjoyed their interesting and very unique layout,  atlhough it seems to be in a few teething stages. Although the prices may be at the high end of the budget, they're certainly stylish. In particular, their chokers stand out on the edge of cool.


Milanoo is a very big website that does not specialise in Visual Kei genres or in Jewellery, but still has a wide selection to browse from. Perhaps a site that is more suited for Lolita fans, it still has numerous bargains and always has special offers loaded into the site. Perhaps it is not the most colourful, or the most appealing website, but it's products are most defiantly worth a look, and the customer service are always happy to answer your questions.

The Gothic Catwalk

And finally, I end with The Gothic Catwalk, which has plenty of jewellery and other items on sale and with generally good prices. After just recently going through an exciting new look, the website looks well and truly gothic, and although it does not mention Visual Kei specifically it's defiantly worth a look. You won't be disappointed by browsing through their chokers in particular, which are well priced and look fantastic. They update their website regularly, and are very creative with their new designs.

I hope you find this post useful, as always feel free to leave a comment below!