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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Yellow Kokoro, part 3

I'm very happy to annouce that Yellow Kokoro has achieved over one hundred views! The most popular topics seem to be Visual Kei, so I hope that my jewellery post below will be of some interest to the readers =)

In my life things have also been well. I've finally got accommodation sorted which means I have somewhere to live when I go to uni ;-) Always a handy thing! Also, I've started a new project, Rainbow Kokoro, which I've been meaning to start for some time, and have some exciting plans for Yellow Kokoro too. Expect more Doctor Who posts and a big Torchwood mention, and possibly a new and much more yellow layout. Well, it's not called yellow for no reason. That said, should I then make Rainbow Kokoro rainbow coloured? Hmm. Anyway, I'd like to give a big heads up to a new friend of mine, Adam, who mentioned my blog in his. Thank you very much Adam! His blog is quite different to Yellow Kokoro, but it's brilliantly funny and entertaining. I recommend a visit to his trusty water blog,

Poll results have came in!
Seems like the most popular kpop bands are DBSK, MBLAQ, and SHINee according to the Kokoro poll!

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  1. Wow the This is halloween song is great! almost Metal version.


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