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Sunday, 4 September 2011

The best Visual Kei Jewellery available online

Sometimes its hard to find suitable Visual Kei style products to buy, and when you do, they're usually very expensive. To help you in your search for Visual Kei style products to buy for your collection, I have compiled a series of wonderful suggestions for you to look at, which all have good professional service, and products similar to the Kei genre without breaking your wallet. If you have any feedback on any of the links below, or want to recommend your own, please feel free to leave a comment.


One of my personal favourites, LadyLuna is not simply an online shop. It's far more than that, as you enter the sight you'll be stunned at it's professional look and mystical atmosphere. It's a portal to a new, alternative world full of enticing and beautiful works of art, and the best part of it all is the quick and friendly service and the bargain prices. It's a fairly new shop and I'm very enthusiastic about it. Perhaps in a couple of months time I'll be writing about LadyLuna's achievement as possibly the number one for unique, alternative jewellery. If you're a Visual Kei fan, you'll love what LadyLuna has to offer.

Inspired by Angela Pyke

Also a favourite of mine, this website is made by the lovely and very creative Angela Pyke, who's talent is simply unending. In particular I have to recommend her necklaces, and her pocket-watches. Her products are bountiful with colour yet are smoothly in style and defiantly a must-have for the fashionable Visual Kei in you. I personally believe you'll be amazed at Angela Pyke's extraordinary designs.

Bead Me Up Buttercup

This is a new, sister site to Inspired by Angela Pyke. At the moment it offers only a small selection of pocket watches, but it's defiantly a good idea to keep an eye on this one.


Created by Taeden Hall, based in Canada, this website has a small collection of Visual Kei jewellery, and quite a modest collection of clothes. I enjoyed their interesting and very unique layout,  atlhough it seems to be in a few teething stages. Although the prices may be at the high end of the budget, they're certainly stylish. In particular, their chokers stand out on the edge of cool.


Milanoo is a very big website that does not specialise in Visual Kei genres or in Jewellery, but still has a wide selection to browse from. Perhaps a site that is more suited for Lolita fans, it still has numerous bargains and always has special offers loaded into the site. Perhaps it is not the most colourful, or the most appealing website, but it's products are most defiantly worth a look, and the customer service are always happy to answer your questions.

The Gothic Catwalk

And finally, I end with The Gothic Catwalk, which has plenty of jewellery and other items on sale and with generally good prices. After just recently going through an exciting new look, the website looks well and truly gothic, and although it does not mention Visual Kei specifically it's defiantly worth a look. You won't be disappointed by browsing through their chokers in particular, which are well priced and look fantastic. They update their website regularly, and are very creative with their new designs.

I hope you find this post useful, as always feel free to leave a comment below!

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