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Thursday, 15 November 2012

An Cafe Concert - Big Success!

What were YOU doing on the 7th of December? If you weren't in Islington, you missed out on an epic concert!

Photo generously shared by "Emma"

Japanese Rock Band An Cafe rocked out in London, Islington on the 7th of December under the happy Oshare-Kei title "NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD Ⅲ ~TADAIMA o(≧∀≦)o OKAERI o(≧∀≦)o~"

This was an absolute brilliant concert for many reasons. Firstly, the fans themselves have a generally wonderful, carefree attitude, and that pushing and shoving you can receive from other concerts just didn't happen, while at the same time fans weren't afraid to cheer, jump and dance along with the band members. I noted that fans were from a spectrum of backgrounds while the age ranged seemed to broaden from 14 to late 30s, and the dress code varied from casual to the familiar Visual Kei hue, and one very brave girl wearing a rabbit onesie.

The band members themselves were energetic, lively, and put so much effort into their music, it gave the atmosphere a fantastic dose of life and excitement. Their broken English was adorable - and the quality of sound was simply fantastic. Lead singer Miku responded generously to the crowd making the experience incredibly 3D. Each time someone shouted something in Japanese, he'd respond back - and, ah, when a male in the audience cried "I love you!" it was pure gold watching Miku's delighted face follow a response of "I wuv you too!"

Photo generously shared by "Emma"

One of the best things about the concert was that it was fairly small, so it was much easier to see the band members, and much more cosy and comfortable.

 An Cafe will defiantly be coming back next year, but dates have not been announced.