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Monday, 6 February 2012

So I herd u liek Miyavi?

So I was lookng at common phrases people were using to get to my blog, and one of them was "A lot of miyavi".  I thought that was cute so reader... If you happen to be following my blog...

Le Miyavi.

Dedicated Miyavi Tumblrs....

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A few notes

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, mainly because I've not had time to be in sync with the Kpop/Jrock community for a while. However, there's a couple of things I'd like to mention in this post:

Otaku House

I'm really starting to like I've never actually brought anything from their stores, but I really prefer the community much better to Tokyo Toys. If, and more likely when I buy something from Otaku House I'll be sure to review it - but I guess the main reason is that they are firmly against SOPA. It's quite obvious why - they'd lose a heck of a lot of business - I guess I just liked their vocal detest against it. Even if they stole someone elses' meme. If you're fine with frequent FB posts and a heck of a lot of cosplay competitions, you might wish to check out their FB Page.

Concerts and Conventions

In London at least, there's a lot of jrock/anime action coming to town!

Starting with the closer events.... Two interesting conventions will be held in London in February.

With their tagline as "London's Anime and Gaming Convention" London Anime Con will be taking place next weekend. With an 18+ requirement and an interesting 'clan system' does this look to be the new alternative to 'London Expo'?


The London Anime Con is part of the AnimeLeague, which is run by the famous "Mr Towers", who is infamous among the anime community. Their general miscommuication and drama usually seed events to fail before they bloom, so I wouldn't count on this convention to compete at all with the famous London Expo.

Is it worth attending?
Maybe - If you are happy to part with £10. If not, you might want to check out Hyper Japan instead.

For an extra £2 on the ticket price you get professional quality and a real alternative to London Expo. If you're fed up of walking up and down the crowded Excel Centre for an empty seat that does not exist and staring at overpriced merchandise you can't afford - Hyper Japan may be able to rekindle your love for conventions. What makes its stand out is that it is a Culture Convention. That means delicious cuisine, traditional and modern art, films and various other aspects of Japanese culture will have their own stalls. So this time you'll be able to walk down the event looking at overpriced objects you can't afford and won't ever see again =)

Hyper Japan does have a few stars visiting that some readers may find interesting, such as Natsuko Aso. I am not a fan of j-pop but I've heard she's quite popular, which might be enough to persuade you to go.

But because I like Jrock so much, I can detect an awesome presence coming to the UK... Yes, I am certain that L'Arc~En~Ciel will be in London on the 11th April, £56.50 for a ticket.
You heard me right. According to Dada-san from Versailles, (Seriously he's awesome, go add his FB and understand what I'm referring to) Jrock isn't doing too well overseas, and to cover up the costs? Scary ticket prices. The band is amazing though, so is it worth it?

Out of London, there is also Cam Con which some people are quite excited about, as it means finally a local convention in Cambridge. I'm not too sure about it, and as it's so close to London Expo - So I won't be attending, but I'll be looking forward to see how it goes. I hope it goes well, simply because Cambridge isn't too far away from me back at home - it'd be nice to meet some local anime fans.

Not to mention Music Bank in Paris on Tuesday! May not be in London or the UK (well duh) but I know a lot of you UK folks are coming.

Hope the snow doesn't cause any problems...~! And be safe fellow k-pop fans v_v;


One last thing to mention, how on Earth did I get so many views?? 873 hits all time is something pretty cool, even if they were google image searches for visual kei pictures.