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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Visual Kei Hairstyles

Reita from The GazettE

We all love them, we all admire them. If manga hair was ever possible, these guys would pull it off. Say hello to Visual Kei hairstyles.

Visual Kei?
If you don't know what Visual Kei is, then you probably haven't heard of Japanese Rock, as the two fit together as snug as a granny and her slippers. Or a jigsaw if your granny doesn't like... Slippers.
Moving on.
Not all Japanese Rock artists are into Visual Kei. But the ones who do usually have more extreme dancing skills, more extreme outfits, and more gravity defying extremely awe-strucking hairstyles. There's a lot of different types of Visual Kei, but that's for another post. Time for some hair-raising images.

Kanon from AnCafe
I personally love An Cafe. Their music, their style, their... Hair! Here's Kanon's, my favourite member in the all male band.

Yuuki from An Cafe
 This is Yuuki from An Cafe... Fairly normal hair style.

Ex-member Bou from An Cafe
And this is Bou from AnCafe.
Isn't he the prettiest guy you've ever seen? Bou is known for his long, blond hair and his feminine looks. And you thought this post was to be about only punkish styles right?

Alright, I'll stop being childish now. Here's some more... Rockier versions of Visual Kei hair. Enjoy to the extreme.


Versailles -- They really should be featured under 'fashion' for their extreme clothing too. 

Ex Sound Bee member Yuichi

Can't forget Miyavi!

Malice Mizer
 There's many more but google is your friend. Or we at least let them think that.
I hope this has given you a little insight to the world of Visual Kei hair.

And so, I leave you with a question. "What Visual Kei artist has the best hair?" Feel free to leave me a comment below.


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