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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Doctor Who Series 6 Review

I told you they'd be Doctor Who in this blog somewhere...
Didn't intend for this post to be so late...

It seems like forever since the first part of Series 6 has ended, and what a cliffhanger it's ended on too, if anyone actually understood it. I think I did but we're about to find out. Here's an episode by episode series 6 review.

Episode #1 The Impossible Astronaut

Episode number one was set to be the steady foundation of an explosive series. The beginning of yet another mad and exciting plot thought up by Steven Moffat. It was meant to be a sturdy introduction of things to come in the Doctor Whoiverese.
But it just made me incredibly confused.

I'll try and explain this in non-spoiler terms.
Random astronaut says hi to Old Matt Smith.
Bad stuff happens.
Then Young Matt Smith comes and the whole scene is pretty much forgotten, and moves on to a new random plot for the rest of the episode.

That was most likely the worst summary of what happened ever but...

Geeking Out

The whole thing was rather confusing, and dramatic. When confusion and drama collides all you get is LAME.
Hear that Steven Moffat.
Confusion + Drama = LAME.
However, the rest of the episode IS much better, and I enjoyed the dialogue here. With many thanks from PlanetClaire...

The Doctor: Swear to me. Swear to me on something that matters.
Amy: Fish fingers and custard.
The Doctor: My life your hands, Amelia Pond.

"The Doctor: Mr. President. That child just told you every you need to know, but you weren't listening. Never mind, though, 'cause the answer's yes. I'll take the case. Fellas, the guns? Really? I just walked into the highest security office in the United States, parked a big blue box on the rug. You think you can just shoot me?
River stepping out of the TARDIS: They're Americans!
The Doctor: Don't shoot! Definitely no shooting."

 Loved it.
 In particular, I really liked Canton for some reason that I struggle to put my finger on. I thought he was a great character. Down to earth, funny, friendly face. Great acting there Mark Sheppard.

The monstersThe monsters in this episode were basically the cousins of the Weeping Angels first seen in Don't Blink. Instead of losing your head though, you only lose your memory. Not so bad, but still rather spooky as you can't exactly remember why you have so many numbers on your arm.

Overall the episode was alright. I really disliked the beginning, but the episode got better as it went along. Dear Moffat, giving us questions is fine. Giving us far too many questions at once is a little too much to digest. And this episode was a cliff hanger too...

Episode #2 Day of the Moon

Lots and lots of complicated timey-wimey things happened in this episode than the average human being will struggle to understand.

Perfect prisons. More Silence. And more confusion.

It's not even worth reviewing, as it's pretty much exactly the same as episode #1. I'm starting to miss Russel T Davies at this point.

Episode #3 The Curse of the Black Spot

This episode was REALLY good. I'll continue the summing up tradition.
The ending wasn't the best but WHO CARES. This seemed like the first 'proper' episode of the series.

The Siren.
There aren't many monsters in Doctor Who that one could fall in love with. The Siren is one of those exceptions. Her alien, mystical melody is enchanting and her blue (and red) aura is awesome. The fact that she happens to be marking the crew with an evil dark black spot makes her all the more intruging. I'm pretty sure The Doctor prefers bad girls anyway.

Finally a 'proper' episode in the series. The story was good. The action was good. The cast was good. And, come on, Amy with a cutlass? Priceless.

Episode #4 The Doctor's Wife

This is when the real treasure of Steven Moffat comes to life. No more pirates, but a new lass called the TARDIS. The dialogue is hilarious.

Idris: Did you ever wonder why I chose you all those years ago?
The Doctor: I chose you. You were unlocked.
Idris: Of course I was. I wanted to see the universe, so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away. And you were the only one mad enough.

The Doctor: Do you have a name?
Idris: Seven hundred years and finally he asks.
The Doctor: What do I call you?
Idris: What do you call me? Sexy.
The Doctor: Only when we're alone.
Idris: We are alone.
The Doctor: Oh. Come on then, Sexy

Amy Pond: She's the Tardis?
The Eleventh Doctor: And she's a woman! She's a woman and she's the Tardis.
Amy Pond: Did you wish really hard?
[raises eyebrow at The Doctor]
The Eleventh Doctor: Shut up! Not like that...
Idris/Tardis: Hello, I'm sexy.
The Eleventh Doctor: Still shut up. 

I could quote all day. Thanks IMDB for the quotes.

I had to look up the actual 'monsters' for this episode, as I really couldn't remember. They must have left -that much- of an impact. Unfortunatly, my research didn't get me that far. All I can say is that I think it was something to do with the planet or something...

The episode was a good one-off with a very nice dialogue script. Some of it was a little too far out, but overall it was great to watch.

Episode #5 The Rebel Flesh and Episode #6 The Almost People

So we had two great episodes.
And then we get this.
Oh dear.

What I want to talk about first is the great, complex emotion between the "Almost People" or Gangers as they called themselves, and the "real" people. It was cleverly made into one of those cliché 'clone' debates for the audience. That in itself was a good thing, until the ending when the father died and the other, not real father replaces him. Did I spoil that? Oh dang. But don't worry, the episodes weren't that great anyway. That particular event was annoying, but not as annoying as the cliffhanger in episode 6.

Suddenly, Moffat's love of giving us questions comes back to haunt us.
And it hurts the heart.

The reason the episodes stink is because they don't actually -end-. There is no clear beginning, middle and end like in episode 3 and 4. Episode 5 and 6 are just a large blur, that leak into the finale, and spoil it, like getting a weak bitter gravy on your trifle.

The 'gangers' I suppose.


Episode #7 A Good Man Goes to War

A lot of things happened in this episode - and just incase you haven't happened to watch it yet - I'll try not to spoil it.

Lorna Bucket - played by Christina Chong
This character was interesting, and it was really annoying how her story suddenly... Stopped. I found her interesting but it was the famous Unanswered Question Time which ruined her completely. Damn you script writers...

I'm going to skim over the episode because I was so disappointed. The story was far too complicated.
River's story is revealed, but because of this, it only gives even MORE questions.

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