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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Yellow Kokoro, Part 2

Minus the two posts before, I've had a little bit of a gap in blogging recently, and I'd just like to mention that recently I've managed to get a place in university! I'm overjoyed, and I will be writing even more for now on to try and improve the quality of my writing. So that means more blogs on Yellow Kokoro! Yay!

My first aim is to achieve around 100 total page views by the end of September. Tough challenge, but I made it onto UCAS so anything's possible.

Other updates:
First poll results...
What do you like the most?
  2 (50%)
  2 (50%)
  1 (25%)
  0 (0%)
  1 (25%)

There's a new poll added, please make sure to vote so I know my page views aren't coming from zombies~~ <3

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