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Thursday, 24 November 2011

L~Arc en Ceil set to preform in London!

I am happy to announce that L~Arc en Ceil is visiting the the UK capital's O2 Arena to preform at April the 11th.

And about time too!
Tickets cost a whopping £55, with £111 being the price of 'special' tickets. We're not sure how 'special' these tickets are, but there's a rumour going around they're for a meet and greet. It'd be insanely awesome to see the band up close by my goodness it's expensive. I've not decided if I'll go yet, but... This is such a rare opportunity, I'm seriously tempted.

Over to Kpop world,
 C.N.Blue and F.T.Island have confirmed that they are also due to preform in the UK! There is no date set, but it's meant to be 'early next year'. I only hope it isn't as late notice as the SHINee concert....

I think it's time to start saving up your pocket money UK readers, because it looks like next year is set to be busy!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Korean Music - My guilty addictions

Korean music can be so brilliant and amazing. Take Tablo's new song, Airbag which is just gorgeous!

And then, theres the new song with Kyuhyun and Yoon Jongshin which is so beautiful....

Admit it, you wanted him to take off more than just his scarf. Didn't you? Yes, you did.

So now you have a taste of good, clean, excellent music, it's time to introduce three Korean pop songs which we know for some reason we really shouldn't like them, but for some reason or another, it turns out that we're actually COMPLETELY ADDICTED. Yes, I'm going on about those kind of songs. And what better way to start of than with SNSD's Gee.

The song is cheesy, far too cute, and very repetitive. Usually I'd absoloutely hate a song like this, but Girl's Generation has a specific charm that no human being can resist. Somehow, I'm pulled into this magical power, and I'm going all Gee Gee Gee Gee for S-N-S-D.

Random Fact:This song is so loved by k-poppers it was used at a flash mob in London.
Also, aren't coloured jeans supposed to be in fashion now? Looks like this band is way ahead on trends ;)

Yes, I love this song. And you will too, once you've listened it a couple of times. SHINee's Ring Ding Dong isn't my worst guilty k-pop addiction, because if you listen to it, it's actually pretty good. I'll be honest, I didn't notice this at first but after a day or two this became the song I was listening to all day ! I love their groovy dancing.

Random Fact: SHINee recently preformed in the UK!
Whoever managed to see them was very lucky =__=
Next up is a song by one of the biggest Hallyu stars, he's appeared in multiple hollywood films, and have created many albums of awesomeness. And now for his most guilty pleasure song ever created...

Rainism -- song, danced, acted, entertained by the one and only Rain Bi. There really isn't much explanation needed in this one, even the lyrics are something that would cause me to stop watching this video. But.

You also have to understand that Rain Bi a king, he can get away with having a big ego, having the power to stop random people growling at him, and just having that aura of cool.

Sadly, he's joined the military now, but I look forward to his come back in two years time...

Random Fact:  Did you know that Rain Bi has had a dance of with Stephan Colbert?

It was such a funny video, but all I could find was a Korean news report about it.
Still quite entertaining to watch though!

And that's it for this post! Let me know your thoughts below, and stay in tuned for a part 2...!
(Because we all know that these kind of songs are made quite frequently...)


The Hallyu Wave hits the UK papers

I'm never 100 % happy when my beloved fandoms enters the UK media, ever since the cosplay-expo incident. Nevertheless, the Hallyu Wave has snuck right in, landing an article in the London tabloid, 'Evening Standard'. I found out about the news here which pretty much says exactly what the actually article says here.  In this blog however, I'm going to review the article in a slightly different way.

By looking at it with a stupidly bias method to provoke absoloute insanity amongst readers.
^ That wasn't the original sentence I was going for. I actually wanted to add a really good emoticon, didn't find any on google images but did found this on page 8 while searching the key phrase "suspicious face".

Kim JaeJoong comes up on 'Suspicious Face'?
I should warn you know this blog entry will probably remain quite crazily stupid.
So anyway, I start reading the article, and with my suspicious face on I saw this. Already my bias grows tenfold.

" Every few minutes, a video camera zooms in on the action."

Damn you journalist, you're just referring to this awful camera work from the new Super Junior single... Which was also quite a disappointment as it sounded pretty much the same as their other songs....

Okay, the journalist probably has no clue about this, but I'm very pleased about my excuse to put this video in my blog. The camera work is so awful it can make one feel very sick, so please don't watch it for too long and continue reading the rest of the post to make you feel better.

We've been here about an hour now so we're quite excited," cries a young male voice through the noise. "Big Bang, yeaaah. 2NE1, ahhh," two girls then shriek at the camera, each hoping to get a place inside the tiny venue.

To be honest I see no fault here, it's pretty much true.
Fanboys, screaming girls, tiny venues... That's just how it is. In fact, I feel kinda sad for the Hallyu stars to have to under go all this screaming when they go through airports..

Infact, lets look at these two videos...

This video is what's going on in fangirl and fanboy heads when they see a Hallyu star...

This is what really happens, and believe it or not, this was one of the quieter vids...

Sometimes fans in kpop world can be really, really screechy.

Anyway, back to actually criticising for article for no good reas---
Hold on WHAT?

"K-Pop's three biggest groups - Big Bang, boy group Super Junior and girl pop rappers 2NE1 - have generated more than 45 million YouTube hits between them for their recent singles."
 "K-Pop's three biggest groups - Big Bang, boy group Super Junior and girl pop rappers 2NE1 - have generated more than 45 million YouTube hits"

"K-Pop's three biggest groups - Big Bang, boy group Super Junior and girl pop rappers 2NE1"

""K-Pop's three biggest groups"???

Let me correct you Miss Victoria Stewart...
Well done for writing about something you know very little about in quite a nice and honest way..
But never claim to know the three biggest kpop groups in South Korea....
Because otherwise you'll anger these crazy fans and make them chase you...

Ok, I'm just going to post this insanely late post and catch up with everything I've missed.
Sorry for the late replies,
And Miss Victoria Stewart - Thank you for writing about kpop ^^