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Thursday, 24 November 2011

L~Arc en Ceil set to preform in London!

I am happy to announce that L~Arc en Ceil is visiting the the UK capital's O2 Arena to preform at April the 11th.

And about time too!
Tickets cost a whopping £55, with £111 being the price of 'special' tickets. We're not sure how 'special' these tickets are, but there's a rumour going around they're for a meet and greet. It'd be insanely awesome to see the band up close by my goodness it's expensive. I've not decided if I'll go yet, but... This is such a rare opportunity, I'm seriously tempted.

Over to Kpop world,
 C.N.Blue and F.T.Island have confirmed that they are also due to preform in the UK! There is no date set, but it's meant to be 'early next year'. I only hope it isn't as late notice as the SHINee concert....

I think it's time to start saving up your pocket money UK readers, because it looks like next year is set to be busy!

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