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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Don't get lost in the kpop! | Check out these Kpop and K-indie recommendations

When you become a fan of Korean music, it's easy to get lost in the big old international fandom that is busy dealing with scandals, idol fanwars, the latest haircuts, etc, etc. But it might excite you that there is more to Korean music - even Kpop, than this! Far more! The big old International fandom - as gigantic as it is, often misses out a big proportion of the media, and music from S.Korea, mainly because these bands tend not to have idolising-intentions, nor stem from the big major companies.

And hands up guys, are we really that keen on these big corporations in music?
Doubley sure?

Korean Music you should check out!

In this post, I shall briefly mention some fantastic K-indie and Kpop bands that might have alluded your eye, while are still enriched in talent. They might sound a bit different, but don't forget, this is large part of Korean music too. Big pat on the back if you recognise any.

Quick Note: I've noticed the music I have posted below seems to go from quite elaborate funk to soft, mellow music, but hey, it shows variety I guess!

Glen Check

Whoa. There really isn't anything else to mention. They are seriously good.

Frenzy (프렌지)

Frenzy is Korean shoegaze indie band that seriously needs more love.
I wrote about them here.
There is no singer, but they are masters of sound.


The singer's voice will be higher than you expect, but it's easy to go along with. This is a synth-y, pretty funky band. The bassist has some groovy rhythms.

Standing Egg

A pretty chilled band. Got to say, I particularly like their music video for 'lalala', as featured above. Standing Egg is great to listen when you're feeling down, or just need some background music for work - they're very uplifting and easy listening.

Adulthood  (어른아이)

Adulthood is mellow and beautiful. The lyrics are often minimal, but sang in different ways when the singer repeats them.

Vodka Rain 

I really like this band. I don't know if it's partly because of their name, but it's defiantly because they are so cheerful and easy to love, really quirky, and just a delight to listen to.

Other mentionable bands:
Misty Blue
Busker Busker
Zitten 곁에
J Rabbit
Neon Bunny
Dear Cloud