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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mona Lisa

So I was wondering why suddenly on facebook, all my friends seemed to suddenly be into Mona Lisa. Then I looked on the site, and saw...

Yup, MBLAQ is back with their new track, Mona Lisa. The song is so typically MBLAQ, though it has a 'Spanish/French' like element to it which is refreshing. With an MBLAQ song, it's not only the sound of it that's important. Do remember, this is a South Korean band so... Looks, clothes, dance moves, and the music video as a whole is vital for success. But has MBLAQ managed to succeed this time?

They may have trouble.

The Lyrics.
First of all, a typical trap for many a Korean band, is called the Rushed Lyricist. Got a song to write? Only have fifteen minutes? This is why you get. The ol' broken English and 'lalalala'. The song hasn't suffered from bad English phrases (they're pronoucation is actually pretty good) but there is frequent 'lalalala' moments which although it is entertaining to listen and watch a male sexy group sing 'lalalala'... it's not that cool. It's as manly as this guy. (Crossdressing Kevin for the win!) Oh, and isn't this meant to be somewhat a serious song...?

The Sound.
Secondly... I can't hear their actual, lovely, amazing voices. Yet again, auto-tune is eating away at these boys' talent. And it's a real shame. LISTEN J. """Tune""" Entertainment I SAID IT'S A REAL SHAME.
But I have to say, despite this the sound is SO incredibly catchy. Just one play through and it lasts in your head for a long while. Seriously. Expect to hear that song when you go to bed, when you wake up, brush your teeth, and all through the next day after.
There isn't much to comment on the costumes - they're constantly changing, and the stylist hasn't done anything outragious that I can be cynical on. So, moving on...

The dancing.
Oh boy the dancing.
I'm loving this "manly" *cough* air guitar thing they've got going on here. Luckily it doesn't last for very long, otherwise the very, very cool and casual dancing these MBLAQ boys have got going on would be completely wasted. Oh, you didn't miss read that. I actually really like the dancing style. Even when their trying to be 'gangster' nodding to the music with their shiny silver car. It's beautiful.

The more I think about this song, the more positive my review becomes. Perhaps it's because I really love MBLAQ and I'm very bias towards them. Perhaps it's because they are rather attractive men. Perhaps because the song is actually pretty decent.
Somehow, I think it's all three of them.

With a few little inperfections, Mona Lisa is a brilliant, catchy, and fun song. Welcome back MBLAQ. Now show me what else you've got.

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