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Sunday, 17 July 2011

What's so cool about South Korea?

I love South Korea so much, despite never actually stepping foot in the country. Of course, like most kpop fans I really, (really, really, really) want to visit the country. But some of my friends ask, why? What's so good about South Korea?
Well dear friends, I'll tell you.

South Korea has so many querks and perks from street food to smacaps! I love South Korean fashion, it's much cooler than yours x 100. Unless you're a Jrocker, then you're pretty trendy. AND THE BANDS. THE MANY, MANY WONDERFUL KPOP BANDS.

Have you even HEARD Korean music? Epik High, Super Junior and Suju M, B2ST, BoA, MBLAQ just to name a few... Their music is fun, exciting, dramatic, heartfelt, and just simply delightful. Even if I'll never meet them, just to step into the land where kpop comes from would be enough. Like Beetle fans visiting Liverpool! (Did you know, the Hallyu wave has even been compared to the Beetles?!)

South Korea also has a lot of amazing dramas and television such as Antique Bakery, You're Beautiful, and Boy's Over Flowers. (These examples just happen to be very pro-female or pro-gay happy.... *sweat drop*) There is so much wonderful addiction to be had with Kdramas. (Check out MySoju for all your S. Korean drama needs) It's nearly better than the television in the UK. (Beats everything apart from Doctor Who, which incidently, is South Korea's favourite foreign series.)

There are many scandals in South Korea, such as some of the very crazy and sick fans that take their music idols just a little too far. The entertainment industry in South Korea is also seriously underpaid, and Korean stars rarely get a break. This has to change.  Yet it shouldn't spoil everything South Korea has to offer. It offers an fantastic alternative to mainstream entertainment that is beginning to blossom. Time to remove those weeds, and soon the Hallyu Garden will really stand out.

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