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Monday, 19 September 2011

The many reasons why I would not buy directly from Tokyo Toys.

If you're from the UK and you're wanting to cosplay, you have three choices available to you. Choice One, the Internet. Bid on ebay for goodness knows what kind of quality you'll end up getting, or buying from some unheard of shop that may take your money and leg it. Choice Two, you can buy all the materials yourself and make something. But you know what'll happen, yes, you do. You'll buy the materials and they'll still be sitting there when London Expo comes and you'll run out of time to make whatever that cosplay you had in mind that you once believed would be 'easy'. (Oh yes, that's a common practice for cosplayers, I should know.) And then... There's the Choice Three.

And by goodness, you really, really don't want to shop there.

Now, credit where credit is due, they do have a lot of items on sale and it is nice to see so much anime and manga items on sale in the UK! And yes, they do have quite a considerable of range of merchandise as well, from cosplays to soft toys to manga, and yes, the shop location is inside Trocodero, one of the coolest places for an anime fan to be in London minus ChinaTown and the Excel Centre during Expo. But really guys, just look around and leave your wallets at home. And if you're a female, for your dignity I'd recommend going round the back and avoiding the man at the desk. He's freaking creepy. And yes, he will talk to you. It was probably his decision to add the girl in the photo too. You have been officially warned.

Very expensive pricing

You have to remember, Tokyo Toys recieves no competition with their overinflated prices on any other days other than on the Expo Days, where they run a stall with heavily discounted goods. (That's when you grab the bargains and RUN!) Tokyo Toys can over charge what they like for pocky, and for cosplay merchandise especially and you have to be very weary at that. Also, if you're paying £1.50 or more for a box of plain old pocky you're being ripped off. ChinaTown stalls and shops sell them at quite a cheap price, and if you're going to Expo, you have no excuse for not going to ChinaTown aswell.

Bad service

I would also like to warn you about the service the shop actually provides online. And I quote,...

"I've recieved today the "Tsubasa: "Plush - Mokona 18in (45cm)" but I was surprised to see that the Plush didnt had the 45cm as its says in name but only 22cm.
I am disappointed, because it was to be a gift.

And the reply:

TokyoToys - Sorry we got the size wrong in our listing, our staff confused it for the bigger version, we have correctly updated the size. I am sure your friend will love the product as the quality is really good :D"

Hold on... What...
"I am sure your friend will love the product as the quality is really good :D"

To me, that sounds like TokyoToys just pulled a big 'LOL' face on the customer and didn't really care that they ripped the customer off at too! Doesn't give me confidence, what about you?

Overall review:
In conclusion, I really don't recommend Tokyo Toys for the serious cosplayer, or for the serious fan. Unless you really, really need your daily dose in a hurry, Tokyo Toys is a big thumbs down. That is... Until Expo anyway, then my friends I give you amazing discounts that are very, very tempting.

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  1. tokyo toys used to be really good when they werent well known but are now nothing but rip off artists charging £199-250 for the same size and quality statuettes that cost £40 a coupe of years ago. never even think of buying from them again.


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