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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

JYJ's best single yet "Get Out" is released!

Popular band "JYJ" has recently released new single "Get Out" which got me completely hooked! Their sound, dancing and overall performance has dramatically decreased from their debut -- come now, enough of that hate. You really can't deny the increase of quality with new songs such as "Get Out" and "In Heaven"  compared to "Ayy Girl".

(Watch at your own risk.)

The one negative point I would like to point about is that "Get Out" has a storyline that has been overused in the kpop generation, and personally, I think Taegoon's "Call Me" uses the whole "Two/Three timing girlfriend who actually isn't a nice girl and the guys call her and ask her what's going on" thing better. I'm sorry JYJ, but innocent Taegoon actually gets shot because of the evil girlfriend. By JaeJoong, one of the members in JYJ coincidentally enough!

Actually, if I think about it, when TVXQ were together, didn't they have a song...

And so does SHINee!

Okay, it's official. South Korea loves phones. 

Attempting to move slightly back on topic, JYJ is certainly becoming a professional band of their own, with their own style, and their own talent. I think the history between TVXQ and JYJ will be for another blog, but I can't help but miss the harmony when the five boys were together. If you hear a great song from TVXQ, or a great song from JYJ, just imagine how MORE GREAT that sound could have been if they were together...

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