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Monday, 16 April 2012

The Best Kpop Debuts Part One

I can't remember exactly when I began to think this, but it has been on my mind for a while. The big boys of Super Junior has been a fantastic band, but many of their songs are filmed in very similiar conditions, and their producers seem very careful to prevent them from doing anything new. This is the same case for many other well established boy bands, and a lot of girl bands like Girls Generation. Actually, this might be more of an issue with girl bands - how many songs have you come across that are the usual boy meets girl, for some reason they cannot be together, *insert heart felt dramaticness here*. Alright girls and boys, you've done this storyline very well now, lets have a bit of something new, yeah?

And then suddenly, my hopes and dreams were answered.

This has been a fantastic year for kpop male debuts, (last year the spotlight was on some fantastic female kpop groups!) and they have reached beyond my expectations. The bands that where the most successful where the ones that weren't afraid to be different and avoid the overcooked trends. Music companies in South Korea - please let this be a lesson to you and please give our older bands some love and attention too. (While you're at it, perhaps you could cut the whole slave contract thing and pay your performers a bit more too?) I am going to focus on my two most favourite debuts, B.A.P and Exo.



Ahoy, you've arrived to the land of blond boy band B.A.P, with their fantastic debut single, Warrior.
I love this song.
It's wonderfully manly, it has a different storyline, it has a strange looking bunny smashing up a car.... This video has everything! The song is incredibly catchy, and I love the attempt to make these boys look tough. It's quite hard for a Kpop band to look so macho these days - with all the makeup that is rubbed on their faces but B.A.P did a pretty good job of persuading me.
Also, the rapping in song is brilliant. I usually cringe when kpop songs feature rapping because it usually isn't very good,  but B.A.P is an exception - and they're brilliant. Fantastic debut.

Ah yes, I also found quite a cool dance cover which I think deserves a couple more views~


This is one big debut.
Whatever you may think of this, you can't dismiss that they didn't make an effort when it came to production. Exo is basically a band with two version versions, a korean version, and a chinese version. It's a little confusing, both both groups are fantastic. Exo-M is the chinese verson, and Exo-K is the korean version, and the later is the debuting band above. This band has a lot of trailers, and the company they're under made a huge fuss about them. Fans anticipated Exo's debut, but I don't think amyone expected this!
Compare it with their trailer to the right!
(This one is sung by Exo-M, but both versions are very similiar.)
The point is, the prologue single 'Where is the love' is a very different song compared to the 'MAMA'.

MAMA has a bit of everything in it - a catchy song, chanting, crazy video effects, an interesting but a little weird storytelling (in English) at the beginning... There is a crazy, crazy storyline in this music video that I can honestly say I don't really get, but not that it matters. The power looks cool and the song is very catchy.  I really like Exo's effort with this, and I'm really looking forward to see what they do next.

For further reviews, Eat Your Kimichi has an excellent review below:

The only negative thing about this review is that I personally disagree with the sudden 'screaming' from Kai, one of the members with his face covered in 'tattoos.' That is actually one of my favourite things about the song! Other than that, I enjoyed the review! What do you think readers?

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