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Friday, 30 December 2011

U-KISS performs 'Neverland'.... DUBSTEP style!?

Popular k-pop boy band U-Kiss recently performed on stage their new(ish) single, 'Neverland' with a little bit of an unexpected twist.

Okay, it never actually quite hits the genre on the head, but there's certainly some kind of seasoning from Dubstep
land in this performance. I'm not sure if I like this or not, but before I say anything else I have to admit that I'm not actually a U-Kiss fan. But perhaps this song could change my ways.

At the beginning it starts out as a little intro - oh, look, they're all dressing up as vampires today, la la la. I like their costumes but feel they could have been better. It was cool to see the cloaks disappear in complete sync though, and their style is fairly cool. (Little bit too much eye makeup though?)

The specific new take on the song begins at 1:55 in my opinion. That is when it starts sounding like a Clazziquai dance track. And I absoloutely love Clazziquai. The light 'wub' at 2:07 is quite good - I could only wish it was done a little heavier and the dancing at this specific point could have been a little more impressive. Sorry U-Kiss fans... I blame it on the fact I associate the dubstep sound with very highly skilled dance routines...;; And well... Your lovely boys are good at dancing, just not the specific style I was hoping to see.
Am I forgiven? Yes? Oh good. I'll continue then~~

The original version of the song is nice, I thought for some reason the dancing in the video was a lot better - but maybe it's because it's easier to see them? I don't know. The song itself has got me interested in what U-Kiss can do, and I will certainly be less dismissive of them in the future. I do hope that the current k-pop cliché to tell the 'DJ' to 'turn it up' will stop very soon. Honestly guys and girls of kpop land, it's really not cool.

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